Admissions Arrangements 2017-2018


At Middlethorpe Primary Academy we believe that only the best is good enough. Our school demands that everyone gives of their best to ensure that all children to their very best to achieve their full potential.

We aim: 
• to create a learning environment that challenges everyone to work hard to become independent learners who are capable of:tolerance,perseverance,honesty ,self    respect and being able to make morally and socially acceptable choices.
• to ensure that the adults in school are committed to all children receiving high quality educational experiences.
• to ensure that the Principles of Best Value for money are employed in all areas of school spending.
• to be a self-evaluating school improving both our standards of achievement and the processes through which we accomplish them.
• to make the best use of members of the school community and beyond to enrich the children’s learning.
• to make plain in policy expectations of best practice in all areas.
• to provide an atmosphere in which all children grow to love the feeling that learning can bring – so empowering them to become ‘life long learners.’

Admission to the Foundation Stage (starting school for the first time)

At Middlethorpe Primary Academy children are admitted into school in the September after their fourth birthday. We hold an open day at the beginning of Spring term in which we welcome prospective parents to look around the school. Middlethorpe Primary Academy can admit a total of 30 pupils into the Foundation Stage Class.  All admissions are dealt with by the Local Authority (North East Lincolnshire Council). You can apply online at
Once parents have been informed that their child has a place at the school they are sent a Prospectus and ‘New Starters’ pack. Parents are invited into school in June for a ‘New Intake Meeting’. This gives parents the opportunity to meet staff, look around the school and ask any questions they may have.

Transition for nursery/pre-school to Middlethorpe Primary Academy School

We liase very closely with Trackers Pre-school and at the beginning if Autumn Term 2 they visit twice a week to join Foundation Stage 2 children for Wake up Shake Up. This helps familiarise children with the staff and the setting.

Once children have been given a place at Middlethorpe Primary Academy we visit them in their current setting. We show children photographs of the staff and school in order to familiarise them with school. They are then invited into school twice a week in the months of June and July for their pre-school visits.

In order to help us build a picture of the child we request profile data and ‘Assessment for Development Tracking Grids’ from their previous setting. These then feed into future planning and baseline assessments.

Staggered Entry
Children have a 2 week induction period into school in which children attend for short sessions gradually building up to a full day by the end of the second week. This helps children with the transition process.

In Year Admissions

Children can be admitted in year across the school. A maximum of 32 children can be on the register in any one class in Key Stage 2. This limit is 30 in Key Stage 1 due to the ages of the children. All in year admissions must go through North East Lincolnshire Council. You can find more information about in year admissions on their website or alternatively use their online application form which we have provided a link to – In year application form.

Oversubscription Criteria

If the number of applications for places at the Academy is greater than the admission number set for that year group, applications will be considered against the criteria set out below. After the admission of children with statements of special educational needs/Education Health Care Plan (EHCP), where the Academy is named in part IV of the statement/recorded in the Plan, we will use the following factors in priority order to decide which students will be given places:

1. Looked after children (children in public care), or previously looked after children.

2. Pupils with brothers or sisters who are already at the Academy

3. Pupils whose main residence is within the catchment area. Parents can view each academy catchment area through their local authority website.

4. Children of staff employed at the Academy.

5. Proximity to the Academy will be measured by the shortest walking distance from the child’s front door to the main entrance at school using the local authority electronic measuring system.


If two or more children are tied for the last place a lottery will be drawn by an independent person, not employed by the school, or working in children’s services directorate at the local authority.

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