Middlethorpe’s Got Talent!

On Wednesday 15th February, we held our very first Middlethorpe’s Got Talent and what a treat it was! We were amazed by side-splitting jokes, enchanting dances, wonderful songs, spectacular gymnastics and rocking instrumental performances. We were all so proud of everyone that performed and the presenters stole the show! Well done to the choir, Lexi, Isabella, Ellie and Polly, Daniel, Edward, Tianna, Grace, Ellie and Tilly, Maia and Ella, Ethan, Lacey and Abbie, Freya and Beth and Ruby. A special thank you to Isabelle and Kody for hosting the show and Tyler Storr for our guest performance.

For more pictures and videos please visit Grimsby Telegraph’s website – www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk





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