Pupil Questionnaire Feedback

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your feedback from the parent questionnaire that was given out during Parent Consultation Day on Wednesday 18th October.

Each term we use these results alongside pupil interviews, pupil questionnaires, staff questionnaires and assessment data to decide on successes, next steps and questions for the academy. These were the best results yet – they were overwhelmingly positive. I feel that it is important that you have an opportunity to see the results if you wish to. Along with the numerical results, I have added just a few of the comments made from the hundreds that we received overleaf. We were all overwhelmed by your kind words.

We also genuinely appreciate your constructive feedback. Already we have started to use the results to make our academy even better for everyone. I am extremely happy to say that we have now managed to secure funding to get the perimeter fence project completed. This work will be carried out early in the new year.
Some parents have asked that we ensure our communication with you is more efficient. We strive to ensure that you are kept informed and up to date. However, sometimes we do not get this right. If you ever have any concerns or queries, I welcome you to contact me to gain clarification. I am happy to receive emails at the weekend and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as I can – beveridgee@middlethorpeprimary.co.uk  


Parent questionnaire feedback 2017 % of positive


1 My child is happy at school. 100
2 My child feels safe in school. 100
3 This school ensures that my child is well looked after. 100
4 There is a happy atmosphere at school. 100
5 The school promotes independence. 100
6 Children at Middlethorpe are kind to one another. 97
7 There is a good standard of behaviour at this school. 100
8* This school deals effectively with bullying. 89
9 The school promotes positive values and attitudes. 100
10 My child is confident that should they have a problem, there is someone they can go to in school who will listen to them. 99
11 My child enjoys playtimes. 100
12 My child finds school meals enjoyable. 96
13 School helps to promote a healthy lifestyle. 100
14 My child and I are proud to be part of the Middlethorpe community. 100
15 My child is making good progress at school. 100
16 Middlethorpe has high expectations for my child. 100
17 My child is taught well at school. 100
18 The outdoor environment at Middlethorpe is effective in supporting creativity and learning. 100
19 I use the blog, twitter and texts to keep up to date with the learning in my child’s class. 100
20 The school helps me to support my child’s learning at home. 100
21 My child receives appropriate homework for his/her age. 97
22 Visits and visitors organised by school are worthwhile experiences. 100
23 Members of staff at Middlethorpe are approachable. 100
24 I feel that I can approach someone at the school if I have a concern. 100
25 This school responds well to any concern I raise. 100
26 Parent consultation meetings are useful. 100
27 The school keeps me well informed. 100
28 The school is led and managed well. 100
29 Should I wish to play an active role in school, I know that I am able to. 100
30 I would recommend this school to another parent. 100

**Please note: some people did not answer this question as they have no experience of bullying in school. Therefore 89% is not a true reflection.

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