Roman Trip!

We had a great trip to Lincoln learning about all things Roman.  What did you learn you did not know before?  What was your favourite part of the trip and why?

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Be Spellbound By Books

We have a new reading area in our class to inspire and encourage the love of reading.  What are your favourite books?

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Next week in Geography we will be exploring a special area in the world where most active volcanoes are located. As homework can you find out what this area is known as and what causes volcanoes to appear. You can leave a comment to share your findings. Parents are welcome to try.

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This morning we wrote a persuasive letter to Mr Holbrook. In life we often come across views or issues we feel strongly about. During our break think about issues you see in the news, in conversation with others or that crop up from the internet and share your views with the class. As an example this week I read in the paper that some schools now open at the weekend so children can go on a Saturday and Sunday. They are open later as well. What do you think to this idea? Have you come across some other such views that will get people talking and arguing?

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