Recent Results


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Results 2015-2016

Below you will find our fantastic results from 2016. Having left our academy with amazing learning behaviours, we know that our 2016 year 6 pupils have the skills to be successful in whatever they choose to do. These results are just the icing on the cake!

Key Stage 1 Attainment
 Subject Reading Writing Maths
Phonics Pass 83%
% achieving
87% 87% 90%
% achieving
greater depth
37% 30% 37%


 Key Stage 2 Attainment
Combined Reading Writing GPS Maths
% achieving
62% 66% 93% 90% 93%
% achieving
greater depth
3% 3% 17% 17%
Average scaled
102 105 106


 Key Stage 2 Progress
Subject Reading Writing Maths
% achieving
-2.3 1.0 2.2


Every single one of our results is better than the national average. If you would like a full comparison of these results to the national standards or have any questions, please contact Emma Beveridge (Principal). Thank you.



Results 2014-2015

Pupils enter the academy broadly in line with national expectations and make consistently high rates of progress in relation to their starting point. As a result they are extremely well prepared for KS1, KS2 and entry in KS3


2014 Early Years Stage Profile Outcomes

Percentage of pupils achieving a good level of development 77%

Reading 83%

Writing 80%

Maths: Number 80%

Maths: SSM 87%


Phonics Screening Test

83% of children passed the phonics screening test,



Reading: 87% of children achieved   2b +    30% of children achieved a L3.


Writing: 87% of children achieved L2b+    27% of children achieved a L3.  


Maths: 87% of children achieved L2b+   30% of children achieved a L3


Reading: 86% of children achieved a L4+ 39% of pupils achieved a L5

Writing 93% of children achieved a L4+ 50% of pupils achieved a L5

Maths: 89% of children achieved a L4+ 50 % of pupils achieved a L5

SPAG: 89+% of children achieved a L4+ 46% of pupils achieved a L5 4%

The academy was moderated in EY and Y2 by SERCO.