Sports Premium 2015-2016


During the past year Middlethorpe Primary Academy have implemented a number of exciting and sustainable practices that ensure an Olympic sporting legacy is carried on. At Middlethorpe we have employed a specialist coach to ensure the overall running of PE is of a high standard, this coach is also in charge of marketing and running a number of different extracurricular opportunities for the children.

Teachers have received bespoke CPD in PE by the specialised coach to ensure sustainability throughout the coming years and the coach will eventually be phased out as the teachers become more skilled.

Children have the opportunity to take part in a sporting festival throughout the year, these target every single child in the school and provides them with a non competitive look into sports. These events give fantastic opportunities for children to meet new schools and therefore make new friends. We utilise a local coaching company who specialise in these events. Along side these non competitive festivals Middlethorpe actively represents itself in a number of competitions, such as Hockey, Football, Athletics and basketball to name a few.

As well as promoting a healthy respect for sports Middlethorpe have also invested in individual components of sports such as leadership, team work, responsibility and individual expression by providing opportunities like:

At Middlethorpe Primary Academy, we recognise the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of the children. We believe that an innovative, varied PE curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all our children.

Our Primary School Sport’s Funding will enable us to continue and extend our provision through employing additional sports professionals, entering into more competitive sports competitions and training our staff to deliver in-house quality PE sessions.

Primary School’s Sports Funding

Click here for the Department of Education link to the Primary School’s Sports Funding page.

What is the Sports Premium?

The government is providing funding of £150 million per annum for the academic years 2013/14 and 2014/15 to provide new and substantial primary school sport funding. The funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary school headteachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children. Each school will receive £8,000 plus an extra £5 per pupil each year for the next two years. The money can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools.

Purpose of the funding

Schools will have to spend the sport funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this.

Possible uses of the funding include:

  • Hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work alongside primary teachers when teaching PE
  • New or additional Change4Life sport clubs
  • Paying for professional development opportunities in PE/sport
  • Providing cover to release primary teachers for professional development in PE/sport
  • Running sport competitions, or increasing participation in the school games
  • Buying quality assured professional development modules or material for PE/sport
  • Providing places for pupils on after school sport clubs and residential visits
Middlethorpe Primary Academy Sports Funding Predictions 2014-2015   £9700
Focus How funding has been spent Allocation of money Evidence
Inclusion of physical curriculum which is inclusive for all
Gravity Red to work with school to develop sports curriculum

After school clubs coaches.

Paying for coaches to take children to different sporting events.

Dance coach in to teach PE lessons throughout the year and to train

New equipment


Monday and Tuesday dinner clubs £2100

After school £2100

Dance £1800

·       Curriculum   planning

·       Data

·       Sports teams going to competitions

·       Used of skilled coaches to upskill teachers

·       Wake up shake up

·       Lazy Town EY provision

·       Governor


Gravity Red is currently working with Middlethorpe Primary Academy to increase young people’s opportunities within sport provision. The aims are to increase participation, offer a variety of sports and then produce different sports teams within school.


Relationship with Gravity Red involved in festivals and competitions.

Coaches and additional staff to take children to different events.

Festivals £800


·       Registers of competition and festivals

·       Use of feeder schools

·       Competitions within the alliance

·       Clubs for competitions teams

Gifted & Talented within Middlethorpe Primary Academy reflect the aims, content and outcomes of the school’s overall PE programme. The high quality Gifted and Talented draws on, and extends, the knowledge and skills that underpin effective PE teaching which provides young people elite coaching to improve outcomes and raising standards.


Providing children who have been identified as G&T with expertise, intensive support and coaching.

New equipment

Additional specialist sports coach


£1950 ·       Registers of competition and festivals

·       Data

·       Feedback from children and parents

·       Links with other clubs


Gravity Red provides support and guidance to build the confidence of teachers to deliver P.E. This may include session planning, long term planning and group facilitation, in turn, improves the standard of P.E within the school.


Ongoing CPD for targeted teachers

Ongoing support with planning and delivering of lessons

CPD £4200

School co-ordinator £900

Monitoring the work of visiting specialist teachers and coaches


Gravity Red provides lunchtime activity to young people who enjoy sport and leadership. This lunch club helps develop young people skills to enable them to facilitate and lead sport provision and games. Young people can then access further opportunities within school by becoming a sports champion, class volunteer and a PPA volunteer within a younger class.


Training for sports leaders Monday and Tuesday dinner clubs £2100

After school £2100

During the year 2014/2015 this funding was used to:

  • Provide high quality sports teaching for every class
  • Enable all KS1/KS2 to participate in sports festivals across the year
  • Provide additional sporting clubs for children
  • Target children reluctant to take part in physical activity and provide engaging activities
  • Provide opportunities for more able children in PE
  • Design an approach to introducing Sports Leaders to dinnertimes

As a result of this:

  • We provided professional development for teaching staff to continue to improve PE lessons
  • We organised sports festivals to enable all children in KS1 and KS2 to work with other children in local schools
  • We spoke to pupils about organising an even broader range of extra curricular clubs
  • We provided holiday activities that enable pupils to develop sporting skills
  • We further enhanced the use of Sports Leaders during dinnertimes
  • We developed real links with local sports clubs to identify talented pupils
  • We have begun to develop links with international partners to plan opportunities for more able pupils to compete internationally



PE session

  • PE sessions led by Gravity Red coaches provided CPD for teaching staff
  • Improved teacher and TA subject knowledge
  • The new curriculum objectives were introduced and assessed using class track
  • A new improved assessment system was introduced for all individuals

Collaboration sessions

  • A coach was provided to work in collaboration with the teacher and was used primarily to increase the quality of the PE session but also as a CPD session for teaching staff.
  • The collaboration impacted on the children skills and understanding of the different sports.

Sports Festivals

  • Sports festival were funded and these were held regularly throughout the year.
  • We saw an increase in sports participation and encouraged inclusion for all pupil.
  • Festivals were held at secondary schools, which are our academy’s feeder schools.
  • We identified gifted and talented pupils, which were then signposted to other clubs within the local community.


  • The impact of the funding has enabled pupils to show off their talents to other pupils through inter-school competitions and tournaments.
  • The pupils mixed with pupils of the same sports ability from other schools and tournaments including: Boys and girls football, mixed high 5 netball, Pentathlon, Dodgeball and Ultimate Frisbee.

Lunchtime Sports Leaders Program

  • Pupils applied for lunchtime leaders positions. Posters advertise the vacancies and they complete application forms and were interviewed.
  • Year 6 pupils became role models for younger children, which impacted on whole school cohesion.

Before and after School Clubs

  • Participation has increased and is clubs are open to everyone.
  • Children do not have to be an expert in these sports but they do have the chance to take part and increase their self-confidence.

Coach Cover

  • Gravity red provides a coach to cover tournaments and teams attending of site activities. This allows the teacher to remain in the classroom with the majority of the class who are not involved. This also allows the school to attend tournaments they may not have attended

Pupil feedback

I really liked learning how to play cricket.

The different festivals were really good fun as I got to practice all the skills I had learnt.

I like competing with other schools.

I have joined some new clubs this year outside of school.

I just keep getting better and better.

Teacher feedback

“CDP has had an impact on sporting provision within my class.”

“The assessment opportunities for teaching staff has been very useful”

“The range of different sports and games is excellent”

“Children have a better understanding of spacial awareness.”

Looking forward 2015/2016

During the year 2015/16 we will receive similar funding and this will be used to build upon this initial provision.

Pupil will also receive:

  • EY/ KS1 pupils and staff will have a bespoke program with a specialist coach based around the program ‘Lazy Town’ which will develop children’s hand-eye coordination, endurance and multi skills development.
  • Y3 and Y4 will take part in a 10 week ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ course provided by GTFC.
  • Y6 will complete the GTFC ‘Respect in Sport’ program.
  • KS2 teachers will be upskilled in dance
  • Organised sports festivals will enable all children in KS1/2 to work with other children in other schools
  • We will continue to develop real links with local sports clubs to identify talented pupils and give them further opportunities.
  • We will continue to develop links with our international partners by planning a residential for our Gifted and Talented pupils.