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teachingassistant wrote: Beach Scene
Miss Storr wrote: Designing dinosaurs
Today we had to design a new dinosaur based on what we have learnt so far. We had to think about specific features that would help it to survive. What would yours look like? (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Drawing
We have been learning how to draw different dinosaurs. Which was your favourite dinosaur? Why? (More)
Year 5 visited Franklin College to create a piece of art work that is linked to our project about Ernest Shackleton. They used different art skills to create their final high quality end product. (More)
teachingassistant wrote: On the Savannah
teachingassistant wrote: Colour and Blending Investigation.
teachingassistant wrote: Mood Boards in Art
In our art lessons we have been learning about how artists create different illusions. Today, we decided what type of illusion we wanted to concentrate on  and created mood boards to capture our chosen style of art. We can't wait to begin ou (More)