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Miss Storr wrote: Making Board Games
Today the children in Year 5 went to help the children in Foundation Stage to make a board game about Fairy Stories. They all worked well together, sharing their ideas and suggestions. (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Classroom in the Woods
E We became Antarctic explorers at the Classroom in the Woods. What did you learn? What did you enjoy the most? (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Adaptations
We worked together to find out how animals are adapted to live in the habitat that they live in. (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Science
We set up an experiment to try and find out how bread can be preserved. We wanted to know how Shavkleton's crew would have kept their bread on board the Endurance. (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Literacy
Miss Storr wrote: Area and Perimeter
Miss Storr wrote: PE
The children worked together in groups to come up with an activity at a station as part of a circuit. Each group had a particular aspect to work on e.g accuracy, speed, agility etc (More)
Miss Storr wrote: As Writers
The children are going to write a letter home from the Endurance. They will be writing in the role of one of the men on board the ship. Today we collaborated to make a list of fantastic words that described how we felt during the journey. (More)
Miss Storr wrote: ICT
The children explored Scratch during ICT. How easy did you find it? (More)
Miss Storr wrote: PE
We used a lot of different BLP skills during today's PE lesson. Which ones did you use? (More)