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Miss Storr wrote: Literacy
Miss Storr wrote: As Writers
The children are going to write a letter home from the Endurance. They will be writing in the role of one of the men on board the ship. Today we collaborated to make a list of fantastic words that described how we felt during the journey. (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Shackleton Research
We used different sources of information to find out some important facts about Ernest Shackleton. We then compared our findings. (More)
Miss Storr wrote: British Museum
Today we received a letter from the British Museum thanking us for the writing that we sent them. They also sent us some books and a DVD. Well Done Year 5 (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Film Critics
We had to think of emotive words and phrases that we could use to persuade our teacher that our favourite film was one she needed to watch. (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Persuasive Writing
We looked at a persuasive text and then worked together to identify the features. (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Questions
The children had to write questions to ask Lord Carnarvon. They had to decide if the questions were open, closed or rhetorical. (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Formal Letters
Miss Storr wrote: Literacy
Working together to create subordinating clauses for our independent writing. (More)