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Miss Storr wrote: Maths
Miss Storr wrote: Area and Perimeter
Miss Storr wrote: Maths
The children worked with a learning partner to solve maths questions. They had to agree on an answer before they could move onto the next question. (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Children as teachers
Some of the children in the class put their maths skills to good use by teaching the others how to use a short written method for multiplication. Well Done, you were great. (More)
The children had to apply all their maths knowledge to build a pyramid. They had to draw nets, decide how long each side would be, measure accurately before constructing a 3D shape. Which part did you find the hardest? (More)
Miss Storr wrote: 3D shapes and right angles
Miss Storr wrote: 3D Shapes
As today was Hallowen, it would be rude not to get in to the spooky spirit! We completed some tricky Halloween maths problems, all around fractions, giving us chance to see what maths skills we could remember and apply from before the half term. (More)
Mrs farrow wrote: Mathletes of the Week
A huge well done to our Mathletes of the Week this week. Some of our children have achieved bronze and silver certificates. Who will be next week's Mathletes? (More)
nmcculloch wrote: Maths Workshop
It was great to see so many of you at today's workshop.  Hopefully you gained some ideas to use back at home to help with basic skills. If you were unable to attend please feel free to see me after school with any questions. There were resources (More)