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Miss Storr wrote: Shackleton Research
We used different sources of information to find out some important facts about Ernest Shackleton. We then compared our findings. (More)
Miss Storr wrote: British Museum
Today we received a letter from the British Museum thanking us for the writing that we sent them. They also sent us some books and a DVD. Well Done Year 5 (More)
Miss Storr wrote: The Classroom in the Woods
More photos from our day bring Egyptians at the Classroom in the Woods (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Classroom in the Woods
Yesterday the children in Year 5 went to the Classroom in the Woods. In the morning they worked together to build a shaduf to get the water out of the river onto the land. Then in the afternoon they built a pyra (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Great Home Learning
The children have produced some fantastic home learning. Please come in an have a look at what they have produced. (More)
The children had to apply all their maths knowledge to build a pyramid. They had to draw nets, decide how long each side would be, measure accurately before constructing a 3D shape. Which part did you find the hardest? (More)
Miss Storr wrote: The Aswan Dam
Following on from the research we did last week, today we held a parliamentary debate on whether this dam benefitted the people of Egypt. What was your final decisions? (More)
Miss Storr wrote: 3D shapes and right angles
Miss Storr wrote: Film Critics
We had to think of emotive words and phrases that we could use to persuade our teacher that our favourite film was one she needed to watch. (More)
Miss Storr wrote: 3D Shapes