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Miss Cooper wrote: Investigating Volume
Miss Cooper wrote: Chinese Symbols
Miss Cooper wrote: Forest Schools
        Saturn have been looking at different parts of plants and researching what they need in order to grow. We looked at the roots more closely of a larger plant, then we re-potted it as we found it need more room for the (More)
Miss Cooper wrote: Hinduism
Mrs farrow wrote: Ukulele
Today we had our second ukulele lesson. We revised our previous learning naming the different parts of the instruments and the names of the notes. We played some games, practising keeping in time with each other, while making sure that the pace st (More)
nmcculloch wrote: Basketball Festival
We took part in a basketball festival at the leisure centre to share our new skills and play matches about other schools. Lots of BLPs were used today - listening, perseverance, noticing.  We all had fun!       &nbs (More)
Miss Cooper wrote: Optical Illusion Art
Miss Cooper wrote: Our morning with a magician.
https://vimeo.com/181894135 (More)