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teachingassistant wrote: Forest Schools
        Saturn have been looking at different parts of plants and researching what they need in order to grow. We looked at the roots more closely of a larger plant, then we re-potted it as we found it need more room for the (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Adaptations
We worked together to find out how animals are adapted to live in the habitat that they live in. (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Penguins
Following our visit to The Deep, we have been researching different penguins that live in Antarctica, which is your favourite penguin?   (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Science
We set up an experiment to try and find out how bread can be preserved. We wanted to know how Shavkleton's crew would have kept their bread on board the Endurance. (More)
Mrs farrow wrote: Visit to The Deep
Our first week back after the half term has been a busy one in Neptune Class. Today we went on a trip to The Deep to learn about how animals survive and are adapted to different habitats. We looked at all of the creatures that live at The Deep (More)
Miss Storr wrote: The Deep
t Year 5 and 6 visited The Deep. What did you learn? (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Science
Can you explain what you had to do and what you found out? (More)
Miss Storr wrote: Healthy Lifestyles Day