Spellings set for each year group as set out in the National Curriculum 2014

  • Spellings are organised into half termly lists, ensuring that coverage is achieved by the end of each academic year.
  • Children are provided with spellings to practise each week from their year group lists.
  • Children working significantly below ARE can be provided with spellings from a different year group more in-line with their ability and learning needs.
  • At least 85% of each cohort should be using spellings from the appropriate year group; upto 15% can have spellings from a lower year group if this is more suited to their individual needs.
  • Spellings from a higher year group should not be provided to children exceeding expectations; the activities for spellings should instead be ‘deepened’ to develop their thinking and understanding around spelling patterns.

Approach and Delivery:

  • Teaching time should be set aside for the discrete teaching of spellings. From Spring 2017 this will be delivered using the ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ approach from Babcock Education.
  • Within teaching, links should be made between spelling patterns including teaching of rules and ‘exceptions’.
  • Can be tied into handwriting – Early morning task for children to complete when they come in to register, followed by a related discussion/investigation about the rule and meaning.

Ideas and activities for teaching spellings and spellings homework:

  • Look, cover, write, check
  • Spelling games (in Key stage resource packs)
  • Dictation passages – promotes spelling at speed
  • Rainbow spellings
  • Spelling investigations
  • Word hunts (with set spelling patterns followed by discussion)
  • Crosswords
  • Wordsearches
  • Mnemonics
  • Pictowords

See attached appendix of activities for more ideas.

Spelling Tests:

  • Weekly spelling tests every Friday
  • Results recorded and used for assessment
  • Spelling tests can be handwritten or using an APP – My Spelling Test
  • Half Termly Spelling Tests completed to monitor progression (Rising Stars)