Welcome to the Middlethorpe Community

At Middlethorpe Primary Academy, we create the conditions under which all of our pupils flourish; leaving our academy with aspirational outcomes but most importantly with the skills to learn and become successful human beings! We are unique in our approach. Everything that we do is built on a foundation of Building Learning Powers, Talk for Learning, Kagan Structures and Assessment for Learning.

Our aims are:

  • Inspire and nurture a love of lifelong learning.
  • Promote respect and teamwork to build relationships in school, with families and the community.
  • Challenge learners to have the will and skill to exceed both our and their own expectations.
  • Enable the development of fantastic learning behaviours that are transferable to life beyond our academy.
  • Equip our pupils with the skills and confidence to express opinions, listen to others, reason and debate.
  • Develop pupils that reflect upon their learning in order to celebrate achievements and continually grow.
  • Encourage risk-taking in learning, value and learn from mistakes.

With the support of the Enquire Learning Trust, we do this by making a commitment to creating a culture of learning, for not only our pupils, but also our staff, subsequently enabling our team to provide the very best opportunities for all of our pupils. Everyone at Middlethorpe is a learner and we never give up on achieving our aspirations and dreams.

Welcome to our academy