Roles and responsibilities

The list of responsibilities below is not exhaustive as there are so many aspects of school life we could list but I hope it will help to give you a picture of how the school is organised.

Rachel Simpson


Sue Storr

Assistant Head

Michael Elliott

Assistant Head

Lesley Bebbington

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Business Manager

Kate Willis

Admin Team

Often your first point of contact, the team share a whole range of roles though they do have specific responsibilities. They continually respond to your needs and to the needs of the school’s staff and ensure that these are carried out throughout the day.

Vikki Flemming

Caroline Stubbs

Beckie Sutton

Teaching Staff

Class Teacher Teaching responsibility Key priority responsibility Co-Ordinator Role
Suzanne Holt Year 6   Culture Curriculum Leader
Sue Storr Year 5  

Assistant Head- Inclusion


Music leader

Abbie Cooper Year 4   Maths Leader
Nina McCulloch Year 3  

Shadow Literacy Leader

Science Leader

Abi Tinker Year 2   Maths Leader
Michael Elliott Year 1  

Assistant Head- Curriculum

PE Leader

SMSC Leader

Geography Leader

Hannah Kirk Foundation Stage 2  

Leader of Learning – Phase 1

BLP Leader

Art/DT Leader

Lesley Bebbington Management cover  

Inclusion Coordinator (safeguarding, child protection, pupil premium and attendance)

PSHE Leader

History Leader

Non Teaching Staff

Non teaching staff are deployed by Miss Storr and all have a range of skills that can be used at different times to support our children. The responsibilities below are current but change whenever the needs of our children change so that we ensure we meet their needs.

There are a wide range of intervention plans and strategies that are used including 1:1 support, small group support, Reading Recovery programmes, special educational needs plans, Talking Maths groups etc.

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Clare Ball

Mrs Dawn Blease

Miss Georgina Brooks

Mr Ben Cadman

Mrs Pamela Cullum

Miss Kirsty Joel

Mrs Lucy Holbrook

Mrs Kirsty Hunt

Miss Rachael Phillips

Mrs Amanda Pullan

Mrs Kelly Robinson

Mrs Leanne Secker

Lunchtime Team

Mrs Adams, Miss Atkinson, Mrs Bradley, Mrs Glover, Mrs Grady, Mrs Odlin, Mrs Pullan, Mrs Randle, Mrs Secker, Mrs Ward, Mrs Winter, Mrs Woods

Premises Team

The site staff work behind the scenes to ensure that the school is clean, safe and ready for the children to learn.

Mrs J Robinson- Caretaker

Mrs. Bluer – Cleaner

Mrs Robinson is line manager for the cleaning team. She ensure the site is safe and organises any building works that need to be completed.